Owner Bio

My name is Ralph Chamberlain Jr. I was born in Needham, MA in 1957. At the age of 8, after settling on a salary of 62¢ an hour, I began working as a tile setter’s assistant summers and school vacations for my father who owned Chamberlain Ceramics and Construction Company. In those early days, I assisted not only my father but also my grandfather who had learned the business in the 1920s and subsequently opened his own tile company.

After graduating High School in 1975, I attended Nyack College and in 1979 graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in theology. Having had that career choice derailed, that same year I began working full time as a tile setter.

After moving to Wrentham, MA in 1983, I split off from my father’s company and began Wrentham Tile Co. the following year. For the first few years of the fledgling company, my wife assisted me on the job. The conception of our first child ended her ability to help me though and I have been a one man company ever since.

Trained in logical thinking, I have an excellent visualization of the finished product in the earlier discussion stage and having installed tile in thousands of bathrooms and kitchens over the years, my advice, as well as my installation ability, is statistical and respected.

Having predated the creation of cement boards, I am adept in the pre 1970 mud installations, the era to which most people refer when they say, “They don’t build them like they used to.”